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Cloud servers located in data centres providing Cloud Hosting Services


Let us empower your business on the Cloud now.


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Marc Benioff

“The cloud services companies of all sizes…The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.”

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Go Cloud, Safe & Fast.

At Techclique, we understand what business owners need. We help businesses move to the cloud in a timely and affordable manner.

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Secure. Reliable. Affordable.

There are many advantages on why businesses in this digital era move to cloud hosting services. Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the Internet and migrating to the cloud is the surefire way to ensure your business stays both current and competitive in this landscape.

Cloud hosting services are safe, secure and easily scalable. Data is easily accessible to authorized users and resources are highly available. Business owners can save by leveraging on the technology and expertise of Cloud Professionals at Techclique.

Everything under the Cloud. We got you covered.

Go Cloud Now


Discover. Experience.

Cloud hosting makes websites and applications alike easily accessible using cloud-based resources. Unlike traditional hosting, these solutions are not deployed and reliant on the resources of just a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts these applications and websites, ensuring guaranteed uptimes, reliability and enhanced performances throughout.

Additionally, with our managed cloud hosting services, business owners can rid the hassle of managing and maintaining the servers by themselves. Also, you will enjoy dedicated support from our team of professionals around the clock. With our infrastructure specifically designed to cater to your business needs, you can now focus solely on your business.

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What Customers Can Expect.

Our Cloud Hosting Plans come equipped with the following premium features that will ensure your websites perform at their optimal levels. We guarantee nothing but the best in terms of these attributes so that website owners enjoy the true power of cloud computing.

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Compliant to Personal Data Protection Act, customers will have their personal data secured on our cloud servers.

> 99.9% UPTIMES

Enjoy all-year long uptimes with our cloud infrastructure. Never worry about lost emails or inaccessible websites.


Have our team of dedicated professionals advise you on your each and every need and query. Going cloud has never been easier.


What Our Customers Say.

Jasmine Ea

Jasmine Ea, Admin Manager

Vincent has always been a great help to our needs with regards to our emails and website activities. At any point of time when we encounter a technical issue in our daily operations, we will look for him and he will then go out of his way to ensure that he resolves them in a timely fashion.

The recent migration that we did from our previous hosting provider to this company was seamless and fast. Prior to any actions taken on Vincent’s end, he will always prompt and advise us accordingly and hence prevent any disruptions to our existing services.

Kudos to Vincent and his team once again and will definitely recommend his knowledge and services to interested companies out there!

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53 Havelock Road, #06-118, Singapore 161053

Contact: + 65 6694 2706

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