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We Believe. We Achieve.

Founded in 2020, Techclique is a group of tech-savvy professionals gathered with the aim to provide the technical advice and know-how to local and overseas businesses alike. We believe the key to success and in helping our customers is to understand every individual company's operational needs as there isn't a one-model-fix-all solution. This way, we are able to customize each solution based on what businesses require and help improvise it along the way.

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Leaders. Innovators.

Techclique is led by its founder, Ming, with its operations spearheaded by Vincent, its Chief Operations Officer. With a group of young, talented and dedicated executives and developers, the team aims to create and customize cloud-based solutions to help and ensure businesses stay competitive and relevant in this digital landscape without breaking their budgets.


Techclique operates and is underpinned by these 3 values:


We make customers feel safe and secure. They won't feel that they are being taken advantage of and they'll want to keep giving you their business time and again.



We always put our customers first. We believe in helping our customers achieve their business needs using our solutions and hence allows both parties to grow together.



We want to give our customers the best. We are better, more efficient and will always strive to stay ahead of the competition.

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